INnovation among
EURopean Subregions

WESTBIC Business & Innovation Centre - Ireland

WESTBIC is the official EU Business & Innovation Centre operating in the Border, Midland & Western Regions of Ireland.  With a multi-skilled project team and access to a talent pool of experts, the organisation has twenty five years of experience in providing applied innovation support to emerging enterprise and networks/ clusters, from concept to commercialisation, through its network of offices located throughout the region.

WESTBIC carries a portfolio of almost 500 innovative SMEs, exporting and creating high-value jobs in growth sectors.  Complementing its enterprise-support activity, WESTBIC is the largest manager of incubation space in the region, spread across a number of strategic sites stretching from Galway city to Donegal in the north of the country.

One of WESTBIC’s major strengths is its networks and effective partnerships at regional, national and international levels.  WESTBIC is an active member of the Association of EU BICs in Ireland, and the European Business & Innovation Centres Network (EBN) with over 200 approved EU-BICs.  Through WESTBIC’s involvement in a range of international exchange projects, these are used as a conduit for policy formation, transfer of innovation and technology, development of networks and clusters, access to international market opportunities and for increasing added-value through the identification and implementation of international best practice. 

In summary, WESTBIC is a unique resource for enterprise creation and promotion of innovation across a range of growth sectors through a process of co-operation, integration and networking with existing State Agencies, the private sector, the research community and other intermediaries throughout the region.