INnovation among
EURopean Subregions

Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia

Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia has 10 years of experience in local and regional development in the Central Slovenia. It was founded by the Municipality Litija in 2000 as motivator of entrepreneurial  environment on local level.

Development Centre Litija is today recognised as coordinator and implementing partner of development projects in the area “Heart of Slovenia”. With different projects we successfully enter into  wider regional and European environment. In all projects and fields we seek and launch innovative approaches. In this way we encourage our area to be open for new development challenges.

Our key fields of work are rural, tourism and entrepreneurship development in all three levels: local, regional and transnational. The Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia is the initiator of the sub-regional brand “Heart of Slovenia”, which is one of the basis for promotion of the area as future tourist destination. The Heart of Slovenia is a brand, which connects projects, initiatives, events and products in the area, geographically formed in the shape of the heart around geometric centre of Slovenia.

We are also coordinator of the sub-regional Development partnership of the centre of Slovenia and manager of the Local Action Group “Heart of Slovenia” for the LEADER programme. Our activity is also “One Stop Shop” points for potential and existing entrepreneurs in our area.

We have participated in 18 projects in different transnational, interregional and centralised programmes (Lifelong Learning, Central Europe, Interreg IVC, MED, Alpine Space, Swiss contribution etc.). With our skills in project management, networking, innovative approach and cooperation Development Centre Litija is recognised and wanted partner in European project networks.