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EURopean Subregions

Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Marseille - Provence, France

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Marseille Provence (CCIMP) is the first chamber created in the world in 1599. It has been working to develop the economy of the Marseille - Provence region. Indeed the CCIMP is at the heart of the PACA Region (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur), the 3rd largest economic region in France, and which is home to 290 072 VSEs/SMEs. The role of CCIMP is to work with company creators and through the essential stages of companies. It facilitates formalities, designs and provides practical tools for economic information and decision-making, supports business development efforts on a regional and international level as well as aiding the acquisition of new technologies.

CCIMP also manages International Airport (3rd in France), and Euro Med Management School (8th in France).

CCIMP is a founding member of ASCAME Network (Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce), representing more than 200 chambers. ASCAME, represented by CCIMP, is member of MEDALLIANCE Consortium managing the European INVEST-IN-MED programme. CCIMP conducts regular co-operation and bilateral business exchange activities with the South Mediterranean countries and territories.

CCIMP has a very strong capacity to mobilise dedicated experts and to disseminate project achievements on a very large scale.

CCIMP participates actively in European projects across different programmes and participates directly through research carried out by its staff, specialists in the local economy, by its ability to target and implicate relevant regional businesses and stakeholders to participate on projects, or through its capacity to target and mobilise international stakeholders through its national, European and international networks.