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Bautzen Innovation Center - Germany

Bautzen Innovation Centre (in German: Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Bautzen GmbH – TGZ Bautzen) was established in 1995 on an old industrial site. TGZ Bautzen is a not-for-profit organisation, the shareholders being the town of Bautzen, the district of Bautzen and Bautzen Savings Bank. We work with our own management to run the innovation centre and to carry out projects promoting regional economic development including local networks.

Bautzen Innovation Centre has essentially three key strategic objectives:

  • Support of start-ups and incubation
  • Technology transfer and innovation support
  • Regional economic development.

TGZ Bautzen offers flexible accommodation of a high standard. Three buildings have been designed for multiple occupancy. We provide 10,000 square metres total floor space for start-ups and technology-based companies. In June 2004 we opened the latest complex of our Innovation Centre, and we already have 89 enterprises based in our three buildings creating about 540 new jobs, most of them in the IT service sector.

Bautzen Innovation Centre aims to contribute actively to technology advancement in the eastern part of Saxony (Upper Lusatia) by stimulating interaction and technology transfer between SMEs, industry, Higher Education Institutions, research centres and the public sector.