INnovation among
EURopean Subregions

News Conference on Innovative Local Communities in Slovenia

Within the framework of the European project IN-EUR implemented within the INTERREG IV Programme, the Development Centre Litija, in association with the Municipality of Ivančna Gorica and the Vibacom company, organised the Conference on Innovative Local Communities on Thursday, 21 March 2013, in Ivančna Gorica. The conference focused on the following contents: the importance and role of innovative local communities, the importance of intergenerational co-existence, tourism, innovative entrepreneurship, local self-sufficiency, energetics and spatial development.

The conference was held within the scope of the meeting of the IN-EUR project partners from Germany, France, Italy, Lithuania, Ireland, Romania, Malta and Slovenia. The working meeting was carried out in the Malograjski Dvor Hotel in Kamnik. Partners were impressed with the Slovenian good practice examples in the field of innovativeness in local communities.

At the conference, the awards for most innovative projects in local communities were handed out. The following projects were awarded: The Land of Hayracks from Šentrupert – the only open-air museum of hayracks in the world; Abraham’s Key connecting 50-year-olds with a noble mission; preserving the tradition of charcoaling in the Charcoal Land (Dole pri Litiji) and a display of the past along the river learning path in Krašnja (Lukovica), BTC City for women’s ski jumping in Ljubno and the initiative called Living Courtyards from Maribor.

Ana Savšek, Development Centre Litija, Slovenia